Haley at 10 weeks

About the Hospital

Woodgrove Animal Hospital is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Dr. Jeff Goldman and Dr. Jayne Buchan. The hospital was opened in August of 1991 to provide health care for all species of pet animals. Since opening we have treated a variety of species from goldfish, pythons, and hedgehogs to pot-bellied pigs, parrots and sugar gliders. We truly enjoy the challenge of working with all exotic pets, but dogs and cats are still the majority of our patients and keeping them happy and healthy is main reason we became veterinarians. Wild animals that are brought in will receive free treatment and then be released back into the wild or transferred to a licensed rehabilitation center.

Our hospital is located in the Hammond Bay Center at the corner of the Island Highway and Hammond Bay Road. We are very proud of our extremely well equipped 2750 square foot facility and are more than happy to arrange group or private tours (by appointment and time permitting).

For a list of some of the services offered at our hospital click here.

Please check back soon for an online virtual tour of our hospital and to meet our staff.

Operating Hours and Locations

6539 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, B.C.

In the Hammond Bay Center
Next to The Brick

Monday 8:00am- 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am- 5:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am- 5:00pm
Thursday 8:00am- 5:00pm
Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm
Saturday 8:00am- 2:00pm

We are also available for emergencies 24 hours a day by pager 755-7266

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